Car Tinting Legislation

Car Window Tinting Laws

Being safe and road legal is a key consideration for our customers - we abide by the tinting laws set out in 1986

For cars issued on and after the 1st of April 1985: the front windscreen must let 75% and above of light through, whilst the side glass (drivers and front passengers door) must allow 70%.

Cars issued before 1985 by law have to allow 70% of light through on both the windscreen and side windows.

The back window and the rear doors have no limit and you can go as dark as you like. 

So In A Nutshell

The front windows (windscreen and front passengers) can only be tinted very slightly with the back windows having no limit.

Why Do We Have These Car Window Tinting Laws?

These car tinting laws are clearly in place to safeguard the driver and others on the road. Clearly, if too dark a window tints is installed on the front windscreen and passenger side windscreens, visibility of the road would be severely affected.


How Dark Can I Tint Show Cars or Off Road Use Cars?

As these cars are not actually driven on the road, they have no legal obligation to adhere to any legal limit on car tinting so owners can in fact tint as dark as they like.

In most instances, these show cars and off road cars will be transported by trailers/trucks and will only be driven once on private land.