All About Our Mobile Tint Guarantee

Chesterfield Window Tint Guarantee

Life Time Car Tint Guarantee!

At Filthy Poser, our service is second to none and for our customers peace of mind, we offer a free life time guarantee with any tinting service. Whether you have the car for 1 year or more, we will replace the tints Free Of Charge if they are peeling or sliding. This is applicable if the defect arises from faulty products supplied by us or installation.

Unlike other companies, we do not charge you premium prices to cover any issues that may occur in the future. We at Filthy Poser do not need to charge these premium prices as we use quality products that last the test of time and install the car tints right in the first instance!

Get It Done Right First Time, At the Right Price, With A Great Guarantee

We cover mobile car window tinting service In Chesterfield, Buxton, Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby and surrounding areas.


Voiding The Car Tinting Guarantee:

If you and your vehicle have been involved in a crash, this can:
1) Smash the car window and therefore a replacement window with no tint will be ultimately installed.
2) Bend the car panels which can in turn affect the window tint causing it to possibly peel off.
In the above instances, we will not void your guarantee. In minor crashes, the car tints are often not affected anyway. We can also work with any insurance company to get your tints replaced.
NB. We will only replace the tints for the time period that you own the vehicle. This means if you sell the vehicle, the guarantee cannot be passed to any new owner. The reason for this is that you may sell the vehicle to someone out of our service area or the car may be sold at auction.