Vehicle Window Tinting Explained, All Different Types And Their Uses!

Vehicle Window Tinting Explained, All Different Types And Their Uses!

There are many types of Car Window Tints available on the market and the type you can access also varies from one location to another. Also the type you should use depends very much on the kind of environment you live in and your area. 

Nevertheless, all tinting films must supply minimal security against UV and the sunlight, even if you live in a chilly region where it is cloudy most of the time! There are numerous sorts of car window tints to pick from that can be fairly detailed to work it all out so below we have given a summary of the different types you can access across the globe and essentially there are 6 types to choose from.

We have aimed to outline the advantages of every one to educate you in your decision when choosing car tinting for your own vehicle.


Dyed Window Tinting

If money is an issue, this can be the ideal choice of Vehicle Home window Tinting. They are pretty cheap and block sunlight using multiple layers of dye applied to the glass. The colour of the tint absorbs the heat and prevents all the sun's rays and UV from entering your vehicle so it is great in that respect.

However, this type of film doesn't offer the degree of longevity supplied by various other sorts of films.

It does have an opaque appearance that makes it a great selection for raising privacy levels but it can fade gradually and will need to be replaced. 


Metalized Window Tinting

Metalized Window Tinting is another option in the marketplace for car window tinting. Just like dyed films talked about above, metalized Vehicle Home window Tinting also assists in reflecting heat and UV rays away from the interior of the car, hence protecting upholstery and plastic trims and dashboard. 

This type of car tinting uses tiny metallic bits to block the UV and the sunshine instead of using colour dyes. These metallic fragments are almost unnoticeable and are well ingrained within the glass.

This system has great scratch resistance in contrast to the dyed Vehicle Window Tinting.

There are certain benefits of this metalized window films:

- Extremely effective in reducing heat in your vehicle, making it so much more comfortable for passengers.

- Reduces the glare factor from the sun, hence increasing safety

- Effectively barrs UV from entering the vehicle.

These Metalized window tints are also way more durable than the dyed option above and simply last longer without fading.


Crossbreed Window Tinting

This is almost a hybrid car tinting system as they have both metallic particles and colour dye incorporated within them. They therefore carry all the benefits of both systems. 

A common and popular mix is titanium grain combined with a grey dye. 

This mix achieves a really good balance; it is neither too dark nor at the same time, achieves a reflective mirror-like effect. Hence, the car film is intense but not too reflective, whilst providing some personal privacy and at the same time obstructing a good percent of warmth and also UV rays.


Carbon Home Window Colour Film

This kind of Car Window Tinting provides so many benefits over other kinds of colour films on the market today. It has an awesome matte finish that is so aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

In addition, its carbon content blocks out around 40% of the InfraRed radiations that is the cause of overheating in the interior of cars. This not only helps keep the cars insides cool down, it additionally protects against or reduces upholstery fading.

This kind of colour film aids in conserving fuel by reducing the need for excessive air conditioning required during the summer months. This Carbon film is also more durable than the previous two systems mentioned and it simply doesn't discolour like the others.


Crystalline Car Window Tinting

Many people out there today want to tint their car windows without making them too dark with reduced visibility. 

If that is the case, here is your ideal scenario and crystalline window tint is highly recommended. It simply blocks UV rays and also deters solar warmth entering the vehicle and it appears that there is little tinting in all.

So you get all the benefits without the appearance of darkened glass.


Car Ceramic Window Tinting

If you are not on a budget at all and are looking for a top quality Car Window Tinting service, ceramic colour films could be your answer. This ceramic tinting consists of ceramic fragments which are renowned and recognised for their nonconductive properties. A huge benefit when it comes to car window tinting.

This is quite a new type of tinting on the market today and can be quite pricey. 

It can block out up to a whopping 50% of solar warmth without obstructing any visibility at all. 

A few of the awesome advantages of ceramic car window tinting include: 

- Strong resistance to fading hence lasts longer than most other car tints

- A higher shatter resistance so it is extremely durable.

- A superb ability to block out UV rays effectively – up to a whopping 99% of all UV rays, reaping all the benefits of reducing damaging UV rays deteriorating your car's interior.

We hope his article has explained the 6 most extensively utilised Car window Tinting films available in the marketplace today. It is advised though to seek the expert guidance of a professional car window tinting supplier and installer to make sure you make the right choice. 

This is where we at Filthy Poser come in. We can provide the advice and guidance you need to make sure you get exactly what you want at the right price. We use a range of professional long life films and our experienced fitters ensure that the application of the film is second to none, guaranteeing you a quality product and installation.

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