How To Polish On A Budget and Keep It Simple

How To Polish On A Budget and Keep It Simple

Simple and Cheap Ways to Detail Your Car

Car detailing may be very intimidating for car owners simply because it can be an expensive and long road if done incorrectly. People shy away from it but the truth, your car needs to be detailed once in a while to keep it looking new and maintained correctly. You will find that your vehicle lasts for more years because of the steps done to keep it fit and clean. Here are the basic guidelines.

How to lean and what to look for!

You can start detailing your car on your own by researching on the internet, reading books, pamphlets and magazines and talking to the experts. The basic steps like vacuuming, polishing and waxing can easily be done by just purchasing a few products and tools. You can actually save tons of money and become your own detailing expert.

Do it yourself kits and packages are also widely available now to help weekend warriors save more in maintaining their vehicles. You can order a number of items by the package and have these shipped to your doorstep in just a few days. You should also try to join some web sites and register in online discussion boards to know the latest news about auto detailing. This is the perfect venue where you can find expert auto detailers who can share info without any fee.


Where to start your Detailing Journey!

All you need to start is purchase some wax, a nice waxing cloth, car polish, a clay bar and some sprays.. You can also treat your upholstery, seats and dashboard by using some special sprays and applicators. Make sure the outer surface of your car is well cleaned before you wax and polish or you risk having blemishes and scratches.

Talk to the Detailer

To save more in costs, you should personally see the auto detailer and ask about the different procedures that he would recommend for your car. Beware of detailers who are only out for a quick buck. These individuals usually list so many procedures when in fact, you truly need a few that work. You should ask for some referrals from friends to ensure that you are dealing with a reliable and professional person. Ask for guarantees and talk to the right agencies to know more about insurance just in case your car does not turn out the way you envisioned.

Borrow the Tools

You can borrow some items to make sure that you get excellent results. Try borrowing a good vacuum cleaner and a mechanical buffer for polishing to get an even shine and great cut all over the auto vehicle. You could also ask for some amounts of polish or wax from friends to test before choosing which polish works best for your car.. Auto detailers may give you some samples so you can test if these work well with your car. Only purchase after you have tried and tested a given product. Always set a budget for your auto detailing project so that you stick to it. If there are other extra costs, save it for next time.


The Best Car Polishing Tips


If you want to give your car that special sheen and shine, you have to know how to polish your car the right way. There are plenty of products to choose from and a number of techniques to incorporate to get the best results. Car polishing involves proper observation of your vehicle as well so that you can maximize the effects and let the shine last longer. Always keep the end result in mind!

Clean It First

You should first clean your vehicle thoroughly using pre wash, snow foam, and a shampoo and then clean the paint with a safe IPA solvent. The dirt on the paint will scratch the paint if you do not clean the car properly. If you are using a mechanical buffer, you might increase the chances of developing blemishes and scratches so make sure the paint is spotless. You might also need to decontaminate the car's paint. The item you need is a bar of detailing clay that will take out hard to remove particles and substances found on the surface of the car, like tree sap or tar.


Which polishing method is best for you?

Start polishing using either your hands or a mechanical buffer. The advantage of using your hands is that you have more control over the pressure, especially if you are a beginner and can also get too hard to reach nooks and parts on your car's exterior. The advantage of the mechanical buffer is speed, which keeps you from getting tired. It is recommended that you begin polishing on 2x2-foot areas each time. Move slowly over the entire car and allow the buffer to function excellently. You need to use overlapping strokes so that the buffer covers more area and you do not miss some important points.


Using the Buffer

The mechanical buffer also gives you the advantage of getting an even-looking polish. You also get the job done at a much faster rate than polishing by hand. Apply the polish initially by putting ample amounts on the buffer pad then spreading some on the finish of the car. Turn the buffer on. Be careful not to put too much polish on the pad or it might be thrown all over the place as the buffer starts to whirl.

The pad has to stay level to ensure that pressure is applied evenly. The polish section also needs to be buffed until everything is clear. Stop just before the polish dries. You need to observe how you will do the process. Certain details like putting the cord over your shoulder will help keep it out of the way and keep it from staying on the car's finish. When the buffer is running, you need to keep it in contact with the surface of the car then turn it off just before you lift it up.


Final Buffer Tips

The pad should never touch the ground at any time. If you have a single grain of dirt on the buffer, your car can end up with a lot of scratches and blemishes because of the quick and rotating movement. If the buffer lands on the ground, you should either clean it thoroughly or just replace it, regardless of how clean it still might look.

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