All About Our PTFE Polish And Why Its The Best Paint Protection

All About Our PTFE Polish And Why Its The Best Paint Protection

The Best PTFE Paint Protection System In The World.

So whats all the hype about? We have introduced a 2 step PTFE polish system to the detailing market. We have tested this new paint-protection polish against 100s of different types of vehicle paint and the results are simply incredible.


So what makes it the best automotive polish in the world? Step one (poser juice) is an all-in-one light abrasive polish designed to build an adhesive polymer layer onto the paintwork ready for step two (pose and protect). Step 2 will then lay down a 12% PTFE layer which protects the paint for 2 years!

How Does Our PTFE polish Work?

Because we have included an extremely high PTFE content into our polish, the effects of these products will last much longer than any other sealant out there. Why? If you aren’t already aware, PTFE is the same material as what is found in teflon pans. And we all know, teflon is extremely resistant to heat, oils, chemicals, and also extremely hydrophobic (not to mention it is extremely long lasting). When we take a further look into the benefits of PTFE, the use for it as an automotive paint protection system just makes sense! PTFE is extremely good at resisting UV which is the invisible devil that fades your paintwork! Finally, you can put a stop to that. Usually this happens faster on older vehicles that dont have a layer of clear coat.

A further look into what each product does!

Step 1 (poser juice) will aid in removing light swirl marks in your vehicles paintwork thanks to its slightly abrasive properties whilst also adding a layer of carnauba wax to the automobile. this will allow for that deep paintwork finish we all love. Plus, a range of polymers to bring the shine out as-well as its very first layer of protection. Step one (poser juice) can be used on its own if you are simply looking for a deep, glossy finish with substantial protection.

Step 2 (pose and protect) Now the fun part, easy to apply and hard to leave. We like to thing of this product as the user friendly version of a ceramic coating. Although completely different, the effects are very similar. This product has to be used with poser juice as it will bond to the polymers in step one. The 12 percent PTFE is and will always be an extreme protection against any form of chemicals, INCLUDING WHAT YOU WASH WITH! Meaning it wont wear away quickly like a-lot of sealants out there. The Juice will stop uv paint damage, chemical damage, light swirl marks, bird droppings and acidic rain whilst promoting a high long-lasting shine with years of durability.

Why is protection so important in the automotive industry?

Thousands of vehicles each year are damaged due to incorrect washing methods. Not only is this painful to see (especially coming from a company that dedicates its self to preventing this) but because it makes the vehicle look older and poorly looked after, therefor decreasing the value of you car. Can this be prevented though? YES. You dont need to be a detailer to keep your paintwork safe, all you need a good layer of protection and basic knowledge. All we ask at filthy poser is for you to stop using the automatic car wash! These machines are built to last and therefor use though bristles and brushes to clean your car. A big no no. Protection can hugely help in reducing the effects from these types of car washes, but to be on the safe side dont use them at all.

The reality.

People cheap out on their paint work. They look at "more important" modifications for their automobile such as new rims and side skirts, but they dont realise they are actually loosing money by damaging their paint. With our new PTFE polish, We have made it cheaper and easier to protect for longer and cheaper than ever before. A ceramic coating needs to be done professionally and sets you back 300-400 pounds, we can give you similar results for 38.99. Hows that for a saving?

Join the Movement in protecting each car one by one today!

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